How to Videos

To Edit your book cover, tap on the front cover then tap on the cover image. Tap on the image icon in the bottom left hand-side of your screen, this takes you to your camera roll. Tap on ‘Recents’ and select the image you want to use for your cover.

To change the colour of your front cover, choose a colour theme from the selection underneath the cover image.

To change your book title, tap on the suggested title, replace it with your own text then tap done. You can also change the font of your text by clicking on the font icon in the right-hand corner of your screen and picking a new one from the font selection. Once complete, click on the arrow to go back to your Book edit.

To move pages up and down, press and hold the arrows to the left of the spread while dragging the pages up or down to rearrange position within the book.

You can also rearrange pictures within a spread by tapping on the layout buttons underneath each spread.

To create a panoramic picture, select only one image for your spread and toggle the layout buttons underneath it until the image fills the whole canvas. If you have 2 images in your spread, you will need to delete one first.

To delete a picture from a spread, tap on the picture you wish to delete then click on the bin icon in the bottom right-hand side of your screen.

To swap a picture, tap on the image you wish to swap, then tap on the picture icon in the bottom left-hand side of your screen. This will take you back to your camera roll. Click on ‘Recents’ then pick a new picture for your spread.


Q - How are your prices so low?

As UK manufacturers, we’ve developed an innovative production method (Patent pending 1916674.3) that enables us to produce books at a fraction of the cost.

Our unique gluing process is at the core of our lay-flat binding technology. The pages of our photobooks lay completely flat when opened, allowing for beautiful panoramic spreads and a much better user experience.

All our books are sustainably produced in our Kent factory, using the highest quality recycled paper and latest HP Indigo printing presses to give your photos unbeatable colour definition and vibrancy.

Q - How many pictures can I have in my book?

Our books are a fixed 10 spreads. You can have one, two or three pictures per spread.

Our books are printed at a standard 150dpi. This gives an excellent quality and does justice to your photos whatever the source.

An ! on a picture indicates that the image quality is lower than our recommended minimum of 150dpi, potentially resulting in a lower quality print finish. Please note that you can still include this picture as part of your book, should you wish to.

You can import pictures directly from your cameral roll/ gallery.

We currently offer three book formats to choose from: The Mini Pocket Book: 95 x 95 mm £5.99 – Extra books only £4.99 each The Midi Book: 140x140mm £7.99 – Extra books only £6.99 each The Luxury Midi Book: 140x140mm Hardcover £9.99 – Extra books only £7.99 each All prices include postage, there are No hidden extras.

Our books are a fixed 20 pages. We are developing a bumper 40 page version in 2021.

All our photobooks are gloss varnished as standard. We will be adding a matt option in 2021.

Our Award-winning AI software instantly creates your book by selecting relevant photos and layout for you. The AI uses a large number of selection criteria including facial recognition, geolocation, and dates to create your story. You can edit this as much as you like or of course make your own from scratch.

You can collaborate on a book with friends and family using our web app.

You can order as many different books as you like in the one order, at no extra shipping cost.

We offer beautiful Gift Boxes to complement your order, starting from £2.49 for our mini books.

Yes, simply click the book you would like to re-order from My Books, make any additional edits and order again.

Q - Where can I check my order status?

You can check your order status by going into the Order History tab located under your profile.

This can happen if you exit the App before the picture upload process is completed or if your internet connection fails during the upload. You will receive an email from us (check your junk folder too!) prompting you to click on a link which will allow the upload to resume. TIP: Once you’ve placed your order, do not exit the app until all your pictures have been uploaded and you get the ‘Order Success’ message. We are only able to print your order once all the images from your book have been uploaded.

My Books is where you can create a new book or continue editing a previous book.

Q - How quick will I get my books?

All orders are produced in 48 hours. Orders of less than 10 books are sent via 1st Class post, orders of 10 books or more are sent via Next Day courier.

We currently deliver to the UK.

Q - How do I use a voucher code?

To use a voucher code, enter the code in the space provided at checkout and tap ‘Apply’. Your discount will then be deducted from the total.

We accept all debit/ credit cards, as well as PayPal payments. Simply select your payment method at checkout. You may securely store your card details to allow for 1-tap payments in the future.

We accept both Apple and Google Pay.

We have NO hidden fees! Our prices are All-Inclusive and include shipping and are the lowest around!

Q - What data do you store?

We do not store your data. All data is kept at the source. We take our customers’ privacy very seriously!

All photo analysis is performed natively on your device. We do not store a copy of your photos, nor do we know whose face it is!

We will never sell or pass your data onto any 3rd party.

We use your email address to send you order confirmations and order status updates. We may occasionally let you know about our special offers too if you have agreed to it.

You may securely store your card details to allow for 1-tap payments, but we do not have access to your credit / debit card information.

Q - How to get in touch with us:

Do you have a question for us? You can contact our friendly Pocket Memories team at and we will always get back to you within 24 hours. You can also contact us via the Live Chat button on our website or call us on 01892 977900. We’re always pleased to hear from you!

If you have a problem with your order, either use the Chat facility or contact our support team at stating your order number and we will get straight back to you.

If you are experiencing an issue with the app, please contact our support team at and we will get straight back to you.

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